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Borescope videoscope fiberscope fibrescope are non-destructive instruments used to visual inspectctions of hard-to-reach locations in power station rotors, automobile engines, foundry castings, aircraft jet turbines or reciprocating engines, construction equipment, nuclear reactors, oil refineries, tubing or heat exchangers of pharmaceutical and chemical plants, hydraulic cylinders and a wide range of other equipment.
firesight high temperature cctv monitoring system permit color video monitoring of combustion and process control inside boilers, furnaces, kilns and incinerators in the power generation, cement, petrochemical, steel, glass industries and others.
Heitronics infrared thermometer are hand-held non-contact infrared thermometers with a measuring range of -40ºC to +3000ºC (-40ºF to +5432ºF) with a variety of applications in the plant and facilities maintenance, food industry, automotive transportation, HVAC/R and manufacturing.
Heitronics infrared thermometer are accurate non-contact temperature measuring instruments with long term stability from -50ºC to 3000ºC used for measuring inaccessible, very small or fast moving objects.
ultrasonic wall thickness gauge accurately measure wall thickness and the extent of corrosion of all metals, ceramics, glass and most rigid plastics from only one side. Some typical applications are ocean vessels, storage tanks, sheet stock, steel structures, parts inspection and piping systems.
are emplyed in the non-destructive detection and location of pinholes (or holidays), bare spots or thin points in protective coatings applied for corrosion protection over metal and concrete (conductive) surfaces. Suitable for production pipeline coating operations, tank-work and structures. Ideal for use on storage tanks, valves and pipelines.
Coating (paint) thickness gauge measure the thickness of paint, plating, coatings and galvanizing on iron or steel, and paint, coatings, anodize on aluminum, brass, zinc, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals.
Coating (paint) thickness gauge - Surface profile needle gauge for measurement of surface profile and pitting; and the pit and crack depth gauges for measurement of the depths of pits and craters on the outer surfaces of steel structures and pipes.
Stroboscope are highly stable, industrial-quality instruments for non-contact RPM measurement as well as for inspection and observation of moving parts by "freezing" or "slowing down" the action.
- Portable digital and mechanical contact and non-contact tachometers for accurately measuring rotational speed (RPM), surface speed and length.
Hand-Held Durometer and Hardness testers accurately measure the hardness of rubber (Shore A) and plastic parts (Shore D), elastic materials (Shore O), yarn packages and the Barcol Impressor Hand-Held Hardness Testers for aluminum, aluminum alloys, soft metals, plastics, fiberglass, fire department ladders, composite materials, rubber or leather, laminates and lead.
WTT-110 wire terminal pull tester quickly and accurately measures the "pull-off" force on most soldered or solder-less wire terminals. It is suitable for wires from AWG 30 to AWG 8 (0.010" to 0.130" diameter). Available in a motorized or manual version.
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