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Inspection of tubing with sectional borescope

No other sectional rigid borescope delivers such exceptional image resolution with this much length adaptability. The Lenox sectional rigid borescope is an industry standard for applications where uncompromising image quality and user control over length are critical.

This unique inspection tool is furnished as a basic 3-foot (91.4 cm) borescope with a threaded probe. By adding optional 3-foot (91.4 cm) screw-on extender sections, you can increase the working length to meet almost any requirement. Lenox sectionals feature computer designed optics and stainless steel or light weight aluminum alloy construction. They are available in a broad range of standard and custom diameters.

Every sectional comes complete with probe body and eyepiece, a viewing head, variable transformer, spare incandescent light source and a fitted protective case. And for greater performance range, you can choose from five different optional, interchangeable viewing heads (forward, circumference, right angle, retrograde and forward oblique). Inspection of turbine with sectional borescope

No matter how long your Lenox sectional scope gets, there is one thing that never changes: Image Quality. Whether it is 3 feet (91.4 cm) long or extended up to 150 feet (45.7 meters)... no other sectional borescope delivers a Sharper, Higher Resolution Image.

Diagrams of viewing angles available
Viewing angles available on sectional borescopes

Sectional Rigid Borescope Product Specifications

Catalog Number
mm (inch)
23.8 (15/16)
71.1 / 28
15/16" Sectional Borescope Kit: Includes eyepiece, objective, right angle head, power supply, spare bulb, instructions and carrying case
23.8 (15/16)
  36 inch (91.4 cm) Extender Section (Maximum length: 44 feet/13.4 meters)
23.8 (15/16)
  Circumference Head
23.8 (15/16)
  Bottoming (Direct) Head
23.8 (15/16)
  Retrospective Head
134.6 / 53
1-3/8" Sectional Borescope Kit: Includes eyepiece, objective, right angle head, power supply, spare bulb, instructions and carrying case
60 inch (152.4 cm) Extender Section (Maximum length: 59 feet/18.0 meters)
Circumference Head
Bottoming (Direct) Head
Retrospective Head
Forward Oblique Head


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