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Lenox Industrial Borescopes & Fiberscopes

Lenox has been manufacturing first quality borescopes, fiberscopes and specialized visual inspection instruments for internal viewing of inaccessible areas since 1920. 

Over the course of its history, Lenox has earned a reputation for innovation in the development of borescope technology that meets the most demanding requirements, and for their ability to provide the highest quality optical images that technology will allow.

When you specify a Lenox borescope, you are assured of the highest quality optics, the sharpest, brightest image and the most practical and appropriate scope for your particular need.

Whether you need to inspect hard-to-reach locations in power station rotors, automobile engines, aircraft jet turbines or reciprocating engines, construction equipment, nuclear reactors, oil refineries, tubing or heat exchangers of pharmaceutical and chemical plants, hydraulic cylinders of giant cranes, or a wide range of other equipment, you will do a better job with a Lenox borescope.

For hundreds of visual inspection problems, a Lenox borescope is the best and most cost-effective solution.

Lenox Borescope Features:

  • You will view the inaccessible with crystal clarity: Lenox borescopes are high quality optical tools designed to penetrate places where your eye can't go. They are self illuminating, and deliver a brightly lit, magnified image of the inspected area to the eyepiece. You can't get a clearer, brighter image than what you'll see through a Lenox borescope. Using U.S. Bureau of Standards resolution targets, Lenox has proven that their borescopes provide exceptional image resolution.
  • You will speed inspections: Even the toughest inspections will be done quickly. And there is no interpretation needed. Therefore, labor is reduced and equipment downtime is cut.
  • You will improve preventive maintenance: You will do close-up interior inspections without the need for dismantling equipment. Estimate needed repairs. And identify potential problems before they become major headaches.
  • You will cut manufacturing re-work: By examining new equipment interiors for signs of damage before installing them, you will cut re-work frequency. Maintain quality control levels. And improve vendor responsiveness.
  • You will increase safety: With borescope inspections you will ensure proper operation of relief valves, rupture discs, piping, boiler flames, etc. Find corrosion, cracks, blockages, materials buildup and coatings early, before they cause serious damage. And view hazardous operations from a safe distance.

The complete line of Lenox instruments includes rigid borescopes, flexible fiberscopes, videoscopes, sectional/extendible rigid borescopes and image displays and recording systems.


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