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900 Series
Low Cost

2000 Series
High Resolution
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Flexibility & Memory
Thickness Calibration Standards

2000 Series Coating Thickness Gauges

DCF-2000 and DCN-2000 coating thickness gauges

Superior Performance and Value

DCF-2000 (Ferrous)
DCN-2000 (Non-Ferrous)
DCFN-2000 (Ferrous & Non-Ferrous)

0.01 – 78.0 mils (0.1–1980 Ám)

The Check-Line 2000 Series Coating Thickness Gauges accurately measure the thickness of paint, plating, galvanize and other coatings on all metal surfaces. They incorporate the latest technology to provide consistent, highly accurate results in a wide variety of applications. 

The 2000 Series gauges include Single Purpose models for use on ferrous or non-ferrous surfaces and a Dual Purpose models for use on all metal surfaces.


Long-lasting, driftless calibration provides reliable, repeatable results over the entire measuring range.

.01 mil (0.1Ám) resolution

Keypad-selectable English or metric units

Lightweight and battery-powered

All models are supplied with the gauge, probe and cable assembly, bare test plate(s), two (2) plastic calibration shims & instruction manual all in a foam-fitted, hard-plastic carrying case.


Probe Specifications Complete Kit
2000 series coating thickness gauge complete kitThe Series 2000 includes gauge, probe, bare test plate(s), two precision calibration shims and instructions, all in a foam-fitted carrying case.
All dimensions in inches


900 Series Gauge Specifications

Measuring Range 0-78 mils   Battery Type 9 Volt alkaline
  0-1980 Ám
Accuracy ▒1% of reading plus 0.03 mils (0.8 Ám) Battery Life 6 months (approx.) normal use with auto shutoff after 90 seconds of non-use
Resolution 0.01 mils (0-7 mils) Output RS-232 (9600, 8 N, 1)
0.1Ám (0-99.9 Ám)
0.1 mils (7-78 mils) Dimensions 5.7" x 3.1" x 1.5"
(145 x 79 x 38 mm)
1Ám (100-1980 Ám) Weight 12 oz. (340 g)
Minimum Substrate Thickness   Temperature Limits  
Material 32 - 300 F (0 - 149 C)
Ferrous 15 mils (375 Ám) Ambient 32 - 120 F (0 - 50 C)
Warranty One year
Non-Ferrous 10 mils (250 Ám)  
Calibration Std's Bare metal test plate(s) plus two (2) precision commercial grade calibration shims (NIST traceable shims are available. Inquire)


Features/Models DCF-2000 DCN-2000 DCFN-2000
Coating Non-Magnetic Non-Conductive Both
Metal Substrate Ferrous Non-Ferrous Both
Measurement Technique Magnetic Induction Eddy Current Both


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