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900 Series Coating &
Paint Thickness Gauges

Twice The Gauge at Half The Price

DCF-900 Ferrous coating thickness gauge

Thickness Gauges

0.1-40.0 mils
(1-999 Ám)
0.1-40.0 mils
(1-999 Ám)

DCF-900 measures the thickness of paint, plating, coatings and galvanizing on iron or steel...more accurately, dependably and economically!

DCN-900 measures the thickness of paint coatings, anodize on aluminum, brass, zinc, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals.

Enhanced Magnetic Calibration for:

Longer lasting, driftless calibration...
Set it and forget it for long periods of time and from job to job

Very reliable operation...
Consistent, repeatable measurements

Excellent results with thin substrates...
As thin as 0.005" (10 Ám)

Operation unaffected by magnetic fields

Specifications   Additional Features
Range: 0.1-40.0 mils (0-999 Ám)

Dependable accuracy over the entire range of the gauge, not just at "calibration check" points.

Measures to 0.01 mil (0.1 Ám), automatically rounding off to the nearest 0.1 mil (1 Ám).

Keypad-selectable English or metric units.

Continuous reading update detects soft coatings as probe tip "sinks" into them.

The DCF-900 and DCN-900 include the gauge and probe, a bare test plate, two precision calibrations shims & instructions, all in a foam-fitted carrying case.

Calibration to NIST standards is available upon request.

Remote probe permits easy access for difficult, hard-to-reach places.

Probe: Monopolar, magnetic induction type (DCF-900) or Eddy current type (DCN-900), 0.4" (10 mm) dia., spring-loaded, with V-notched shell and 28" (70 cm) cable
Resolution: 0.1 mil (1 Ám)
Battery/Life: 9 V alkaline/approx. 6 months normal use, with auto shutoff after 90 seconds of non-use.
Dimension: 5.7" x 3.1" x 1.5"
(145 x 79 x 38 mm)
Weight: 9 oz. (250 g)
Temperature Limits

15 to 140░ F (-10 to 60░ C)
32 to 125░ F (0 to 50░ C)

Warranty: One (1) year
Specifications subject to change without notice.

DCF-900 Accuracy   DCN-900 Accuracy
0-10 mils: ▒ 0.1 mil 0-7 mils: ▒ 0.1 mil
10-40 mils: ▒ 1% of Reading 7-40 mils: ▒ 2% of Reading
0-250 Ám: ▒ 1 Ám 0-70 Ám: ▒ 1 Ám
250-999 Ám: ▒ 1% of Reading 70-999 Ám: ▒ 2% of Reading

Additional models are available for other applications. These include gauges for coatings on non-ferrous metal surfaces, statistics, printout and computer-interface models to meet SPC and SQC requirements. Please call our Applications Specialist at (718) 846-6458.


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