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Holiday / Porosity Detector

The holiday detector is also known as a porosity detector,
pinhole tester, spark tester, jeep testers or jeeper.

Porosity or holiday detectors are employed in the non-destructive detection and location of pinholes, holidays, bare spots or thin points in protective coatings applied for corrosion protection over metal and concrete (conductive) surfaces. Detectors are suitable for production pipeline coating operations, tankwork and structures.

Click For More Information Compact DC Holiday Detector
The Compact DC Holiday Detector is small and lightweight with a clip-on battery pack and features digital display of applied voltage, constant test current, fully adjustable voltage and sensitivity controls. It can be used in most applications including pipelines, steel structures and tankwork. Commonly known as holiday detectors, spark testers or jeepers. Complies with the requirements of AS3894.1-2002. CE Compliant. More info...

Click For More InformationCompact Pulse Holiday Detector
Holiday Detector with fully adjustable, regulated 'pulsed' output up to 20kV, 40kV or 60kV. All pulse porosity detector models can be used for porosity and holiday testing of carbon impregnated coatings such as carbonated rubber, thick coatings such as rubber linings and on ‘plastic’/fibreglass type coatings likely to become electrostatically charged. The Pulse 20kV & 40kV models are ideal for use in moist conditions, on wet and contaminated coating surfaces. The Pulse 60kV model is the only portable battery operated model on the market capable of generating voltages from 10,000 to 60,000 volts. More info...

Click For More Information Compact Inspector Holiday Detector
Superior porosity holiday detector. Portable single hand held unit, designed with the inspector in mind. Unit weighs only 460g. Two models: up to 10kV; or up to 20kV using the extended use power pack. More info...

Click For More InformationCompact Wet Sponge Tester
Uses the wet sponge method to detect pinholes in coatings. Models available: 9, 67,5 and 90 volt Selectable and 67.5 volt fixed. Large sponge head & telescopic handle which extends to 1.2m (47"). We highly recommend high voltage holiday and porosity testing in lieu of wet sponge testing when working with coatings over 150 µm, or coatings in corrosive environments. Complies with the requirements of AS3894.2-2002 (Wet Sponge Testing). CE Compliant. More info...

Pipeline coils for Holiday DetectorsPipeline Coils
Special no sag design. Sizes starting at 50mm (2"). Coil joiners and handle extension pieces available. More info...

Internal pipeline disc and spiral brushes for holiday detectors Internal Pipeline Disc and Spiral Wound Brush Electrodes
Sizes from 30mm to 500mm. For larger sizes up to 2 meters please contact us. 1/2 and 1/3 circumference brushes also available. More info...

Click For More Information Flat Brush Electrodes And Accessories
Flat brass wire brushes 50mm to 600mm, Fan brushes and handle extension pieces also available. More info...

Click For More Information High Voltage DC Crest Meter
For verifying output voltage and the calibration of DC Porosity Detectors. 0 to 30kV (auto ranging). Certification available. More info...

Click For More Information High Voltage Pulse Crest Meter
For verifying output voltage and the calibration of Pulse Type Porosity Detectors. Suitable for PCWI Compact, SPY® and many others. Range 5 to 30kV. Traceable Certification (to 20kV) available. More info...

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