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DS-12V Digital Porta-Strobe
Pioneer Stroboscope


Pioneer's Porta-Strobe stroboscope is ideal for speed measurement and the examination of motor rotors, gears, cams, shafts, turbines, fans, vibrating parts, liquid spray patterns, leaks, etc.



Features of the DS-12V Stroboscope:

Longest battery life of any portable strobe – three hours continuous use

Longest flash tube life of any portable strobe – two billion flashes

0-12,000 FPM range; Locking trigger

Battery/AC line powered

Includes NIST-traceable certificate




Display Range 0 to 12,000 flashes per minute (FPM)
Display Output 5 digit LED
Resolution +/-1 FPM

Flash Tube

Flash Duration 1 microsecond
Flashtube Life Two billion flashes


Locking Power Switch Press-to-operate mechanical switch
Power Requirements 12 V, 8 AH battery (model 50-14/-14V) or AC converter (model PAC-12/-12V)


Dimensions 9" x 8.5" x 4" (strobe unit)
Construction High impact plastic
Weight 2 lbs (strobe); 8.5 lbs (battery pack); 9 lbs (AC power supply)
Operating/Storage Environment 32 – 114°F / 0 – 125°F



 Dimensions of the DS-12V digital stroboscope


Ordering Guide

Model Description Price
 DS-12V Porta-Strobe™ stroboscope
Requires power source – not included, see below
Power Supplies
MM-12ATM Battery pack for DS-12V Porta-Strobe with "Smart Charger" (replaces 50-14) $185.00
MM-12ATM-F11 Same as the MM-12ATM with European AC Converter/Adapter (replaces 50-14V)


Optional Accessories and Replacement Parts
22-95 Flash tube for the DS-12V Stroboscope $97.50
70-39 Hard-shell carrying case for the DS-12V $50.00
65-29 Five-foot roll of reflective tape (1/2" wide) $5.75
12-6 Six-foot cable - connects the DS-12V to the 50-14 or PAC-12
(also connects MM-12ATM Battery Packs to DS-12V)
D1248 Flash unit (FY-608 light pack), requires unit disassembly $100.00
L1824A 120-volt charger for the 50-14. Includes adapter plug $32.50
L1823A Same as the L1824A only 240 volt $57.50
L1828 Batteries for the 50-14 (set of two, requires unit disassembly) $60.00
L1840 Carrying case for the 50-14 battery pack $15.00
ATM-PRB Smart Charger for the Battery Pack MM-12ATM $65.00
ATM-PRB-F11 Smart Charger for the Battery Pack MM-12ATM-F11 $70.00


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