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PK2 Pocket Strobe Stroboscope

PK2-OT (adds Output Signal and Jack)

30 - 12,500 RPM/FPM
and higher using harmonics

The Pocket Strobe Model PK2 is a highly stable instrument for taking non-contact RPM measurements and inspecting moving parts by “freezing” or “slowing down” the action.

The PK2 requires only one hand to operate, yet delivers performance comparable to much larger and heavier “pistol-grip” type models.

The PK2 is ideal for industrial, laboratory, R&D and academic environments. Its small size and excellent performance provide superior convenience and value — at a reasonable price.

PK2 Pocket Strobe Stroboscope


Features of the PK2 Pocket Strobe:

Internal NiMH battery provides one hour of continuous operation, regardless of flash rate

Bright (800 Lux) flash intensity with life of 100 million flashes

Resolution of ±1 RPM over the entire range with highly accurate speed control and drift-free operation

Fits in pocket or can be worn on optional belt holster—small and light for portable, one-hand use

Accepts input from sensor for external flash triggering

CE Certification

Free NIST Certification

Complete Kit:

Complete kit of PK2 Checkline Pocket Strobe stroboscope   Stroboscope, battery charger, external triggering jack, NIST-traceable calibration certificate and instruction manual, all supplied in a hard shell carrying case.

Optional Accessories:

PK2-TBE Spare Xenon Flash Tube
PK2-HLT Padded-vinyl & leather belt-clip holster
PK2-PHONO Connection jack for external trigger input signal
PK2-TRI Telescoping tripod
PK2-BNC External triggering cable; 6 ft. long; 1/8" male to BNC male connections
PK2-8M External triggering cable; 6 ft. long; 1/8" male to 1/8" male connections
PK2-BAT Replacement NiMH Battery Pack
PK2-BC-WORLD Replacement Universal Battery
Charger (100-240 VAC)
Accessories for the PK2 and PK2-OT stroboscopesTripod for the PK2 stroboscope


Specifications of the PK2 Stroboscope:

Flash Range 30 - 12,500 FPM
Flash Brightness 800 Lux
Accuracy ± 0.01% and ± 1-digit, over entire range
Resolution ± 1 FPM over entire range
Display 5-digit LCD
Display Update 0.5 seconds
Flash Energy 150 mJ
Flash Tube Longevity 100 million flashes
Flash Duration <20 µs
External Trigger 0-5 volt, DTL/TTL compatible 1/8" jack
Optional Signal Output* 0-5 volt, DTL/TTL compatible 1/8" jack
Internal Battery NiMH
Operating Time 1 hour, regardless of flash rate
Battery Charger
     Power Required
     Charging Time
100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
4.8-12 VDC @ 600 mA max
2-3 hours, typical
Overcharge Protection Yes
CE Certification Yes
Weight 1.1 lbs (550g) including battery
Housing Material High Impact ABS Plastic
Reflector Material Aluminum
Tripod Mount 1/4-20, female insert
Operating Temp. 32 to 104° F (0 to 40° C)
*OT Models only


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