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Combination Contact and Non-Contact Digital Tachometer

CDT-2000 Combination  contact and non-contact digital tachometerThe CHECK-LINE CDT-2000 Combination Hand-Held Digital Tachometer combines the best features of both contact and non-contact models to accurately measure RPM, surface speed and length.

When using the non-contact mode, rotational speed (RPM) is measured using a visible beam of light. The CDT-2000 can be up to 14 inches away from the small piece of reflective tape that is affixed to the rotating element. In the contact operating mode, the speed is sensed by directly contacting rotating device using one of the contact adapters supplied with the instrument.

In other applications where surface or linear speeds are to be measured, the universal wheel is used for direct readout of feet/min, meters/min or inches/min, as selected by the end user. The CDT2000 can also be used to measure the accumulated total of continuously running material such as paper, wire being wound on a spool, or to check the calibration of on-line counters and totalizers.

cdt-200 tachometersThe CDT-2000's rugged construction, portability and outstanding features make It an ideal choice for maintenance personnel, machine operators or others in a wide variety of machinery and material handling applications.

A non-contact only version, the CDT-1000, is also available.


Features of the CDT-2000:

 Measures speeds from as low as 1.00 rpm up to 99,999 rpm
 Non-Contact or Contact operation for RPM, Surface Speed & Length
 Accuracy of 0.02% with a resolution of 0.01 RPM
 Easily Converts from non-contact to contact operation with a rugged slide in adapter
 Non-contact sensing from up to 14" with visible red light source
 NIST Certification Included at no additional cost
 User selected units of measure
• Rotational Speed: RPM
•Surface Speed: Feet per minute, meters per minute, inches per minute
•Length: Feet, meters, inches
 Built-in memory stores maximum, minimum and last reading for recall to the display
 Uses only two (2) AA batteries (included)
 Rugged lightweight design for trouble-free operation
 Two (2) year warranty


LCD Display:

Units of Measure Indicators show the user-selected units of measure.

Contact Indicator shows if contact or non-contact operation is selected.

Low Battery Indicator alerts the operator if the batteries are low.

On-Target Indicator confirms that the measurements are reliable.

Memory Indicators are illuminated when the maximum, minimum and last readings are recalled to the display for viewing.

LCD display of the CDT-2000 tachometer



Measuring Ranges  
RPM Non-Contact: 1.00 - 99,999 rpm
Contact: 1.00 - 19,999 rpm  
Surface Speed 0.30 - 6,500 feet/min
0.10 - 1,999 meters/min
4.0 - 78,000 inches/min 
Length 0.01 - 99,999 feet
0.02 - 99,999 meters
1.0 - 99,999 inches 
Resolution .01 from 0 - 100
.1 from 100 - 1,000
1 from 1000 - 99,999 
Accuracy ± 0.02% of reading or 1 digit 
Display 5 - Digit LCD, 10mm high 
Decimal Point Automatic 
Memory System Maximum, minimum, and last reading (retained in memory for the life of the batteries) 
Measurement System Non-Contact: Visible LED light beam
Contact: Contact adapter 
Engineering Units RPM: RPM
Surface Speed: Ft/min, inch/min & meters/min
Length: Feet, inches, meters 
Sensing Distance Up to 14 inches (350mm) 
Display Update Time 0.5 seconds or one measuring 
Auto Power Off After 30 seconds of non-use (minimum, maximum and last reading retained in memory) 
Battery Life 20 hours continuous use 
Weight 6 ounces (170 grams) 
Housing Material ABS Plastic 
Operating Temperature 32 to 122º F (0 to 50º C) 
Storage Temperature -4 to 150º F (-20 to 70º C) 
Accessories included Contact adapter, cone tip, universal surface speed wheel with integrated tip adapter, reflective tape, operating instructions and foam-fitted, hard plastic carrying case 
Optional Accessories Shaft extension, 3.15 inches (80 mm) 
Warranty 2 years 


CDT-2000 Tachometer Complete Kit

Complete CDT-2000 Tachometer Kit:

The CDT-2000 includes the Tachometer, Slide-In Contact Adapter, Universal Surface Speed Wheel with Integrated Funnel Tip Adapter, Cone Tip Adapter, Reflective Tape, Two (2) AA Batteries (1.5 V) and Operating Instruction Manual -- all supplied in a foam-fitted, hard-plastic Carrying Case. Combinantion contact and non-contact CDT-2000 tacholeter


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