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TI-25LT Low Cost Thickness Gauge

TI-40N Standard Thickness Gauge
TI-25M Industrial Thickness Gauge
TI-25DL Industrial Thickness Gauge with Data Logging
TI-25M-MMX Thru-Paint Thickness Gauges
TI-25DL-MMX Thru-Paint Thickness Gauges with Data Logging
TI-007 Precision Thickness Gauge
TI-007DL Precision Thickness Gauge with Data Logging
TI-1071 Intrinsically Safe Thickness Gauge
Certified Steel Test Blocks

Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge

TI-25M ultrasonic wall thickness gauge

Measuring Range
0.025 - 6.00 inches
0.60 - 150.0 mm

The new CHECK-LINE TI-25M Wall Thickness Gauge accurately measures wall thickness and the extent of corrosion of all metals, ceramics, glass and most rigid plastics - from only one side!

The TI-25M can be used in a Single Thickness Reading mode or in a Scan mode , where the probe is dragged over a large measuring area. The minimum thickness reading recorded during the "scan" will be displayed.

5 year warranty

The TI-25M probe is waterproof and can be submerged in water. The gauge is impact-resistant and environmentally sealed to provide trouble-free operation under the toughest field conditions.

Features of the TI-25M

 Resolution of 0.001 inch (0.01 mm)
 Large, backlit LCD display retains last reading
 Simple operator controls virtually eliminate training
 Special-purpose probes are offered for a variety of applications
 Switch-selected units for inches or mm
 For underwater surveying, probe cable lengths up to 50 feet are optionally
 CE Certified

Typical Applications for Wall Thickness Gauges:

Typical applications of ultrasonic thickness gages


TICC-M Protective Cover

Constructed from heavy duty Cordura Nylon

Built-in belt loop

Includes wrist & shoulder straps

Steel Test Block

Precision Machined and Finished

Includes NIST Report and Test Data

Includes Wooden Storage Box

Steel test blocks


Range* 0.025-6.00" (0.60-150.0 mm) 
Resolution .001" (0.01 mm) 
Display 4 - Digit, 0.5" Backlit LCD 
Velocity Range 6,500-33,000 ft./sec (2000-10,000 m/sec.) 
Probe 7.5 MHz, 0.25" Diameter (6.35 mm) with rubber molded grip. 
Cable 4 ft. (1.2 m) waterproof cable with non-polarized, quick-disconnect connectors. Optional lengths up to 50 ft. (15 m). 
Temp. Limits Ambient: -20 to 120 F (-30 to 50 C)
Material: --ll0 to 200 F (-20 to 100 C
Special high temperature probes are optionally available. 
Battery Type Two AA batteries 
Battery Life 200 hours 
Weight 7 ounces (196 g) 
Size 2.5 x 4.5 x 1.25"
(64 x 114 x 32 mm) 
Accessories Included Probe/cable assembly. 4 oz. bottle of coupling fluid, NIST Calibration Certificate, 2 AA batteries, operating instructions, hard-plastic carrying case. 
Warranty Gauge: 5 Years
Probes: 90 Days 

Measuring Limits of the TI-25M

Complete Kit

The TI-25M is supplied as a complete kit with the gauge, probe, 4 oz. bottle of coupling fluid, 2 AA batteries, NIST Calibration Certificate, and Operating Instruction Manual - all in a foam-fitted carrying case.


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